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It’s students and faculty cooperate in helping learn how to identify and protect against involvement with fraudulent schemes. It’s efforts are targeted to reduce the incidence of investment fraud among investors by teaching the tactics most commonly used by fraudsters and the steps every investor can take to reduce their risk.

  • Anti-fraud Conferences
  • Fraud Awareness Webinars
  • Community Alert Blogging
  • Corporate Council and Board Sponsorships on Anti-Fraud Education

Want to be a prepared investor/consumer?

Fraud College is an amazing Knowledge Community of conferences, webinars & community forums designed to challenge, encourage and equip the public at large with the latest fraud awareness, prevention and detection approaches from all over the world.

Come to College! Join the Community

This one day annual session is one of the best steps you can take towards developing your own “fraudsense.” Become well-equipped to eliminate fraud in your financial life. Learn how you can identify, prevent and report investment fraud and the simple steps every individual should take before making any financial decisions.

Fraud College is all about anti-fraud awareness and helping the community speak out with one voice against fraud.

It enlists the best minds from across industries and academia in the area of fraud detection and prevention from all over the world. The FREE Conferences to teach you to be able to protect yourself. Instructors include officials from the SEC, FBI, U.S. Department of Justice, State Securities Divisions, mental health and Human Services professionals and even members of the clergy. All of these will combine to teach you the basic markers of fraud and how to protect our community.

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